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  • Arun
    September 28, 2015 - 12:27 pm | Permalink

    Hey Eric..I’m thinking of starting your treatment because u have first stage of male pattern baldness just 23 years of age..butninhad a doubt skin is really should I still oil my hair ? Because it causes more hairfall and what should I do ?

    • October 1, 2015 - 7:13 pm | Permalink

      u may use just use one oil jojoba balances excess sebum production, u may add tea tree oil in it also. oiling overtime reduces over oil production, eat omega 3 to balance oil production internally also.

      • Arun
        October 1, 2015 - 11:51 pm | Permalink

        Thanks a lot Eric :)

        • Arun
          November 29, 2015 - 11:40 am | Permalink

          Hey Eric..just wanted to get a point talked about a good workout routine..but wouldn’t workout actually increase the testosterone and therefore dht..and what should be the actual workout ?

  • September 28, 2015 - 6:11 pm | Permalink

    Eric can I mix lavender oil and Rosemarie oil in ur magic oil???

  • Cody Sedlacek
    September 28, 2015 - 10:09 pm | Permalink

    Hey Eric, I am wondering which derma roller is the best to use for my receding hairline? There are many different kinds with varying widths and lengths of the needles and I want to make sure I get the best one for my hairline and not for acne marks.

  • October 1, 2015 - 9:19 pm | Permalink

    Y…….can u explain?????……..plse…….it is a good and healthy oil know

  • October 6, 2015 - 12:33 pm | Permalink

    For the Indian guys…….I just now found a app called “I herb”……….U find there now solutions every oil in fare and good rate……..U can buy guys…………be happy……..I just now found………

  • October 6, 2015 - 12:35 pm | Permalink

    There are 3 apps of “I herbs” download all the apps………U can compare the price which is best and u can order………

  • October 6, 2015 - 2:14 pm | Permalink

    Eric I want to know Biotin 5000mcg is best or 10000 mcg????? Plse reply quickly friend

    • October 7, 2015 - 6:12 pm | Permalink

      don’t eat 10000 mcg biotin. Start with 2500 mcg only. too much biotin is not good, again right balance is must. after 2-3 months, u may go upto 5000mcg, then don’t increase any more.

  • October 8, 2015 - 5:29 pm | Permalink

    Thank u Eric

  • Lisshu
    October 10, 2015 - 3:42 am | Permalink

    Hi Mr.Eric…
    Which one of the oils used to make hair thickening oil is the best?
    And do u have Instagram…

    • October 11, 2015 - 4:57 am | Permalink

      castor/almond with lavender/rosemary
      Facebook: EricTipsReviews

  • October 12, 2015 - 8:53 am | Permalink

    Eric …can I mix lavender oil +rosemary oil+Olive oil for applying after using dermaroller?????

    • October 13, 2015 - 1:17 am | Permalink

      Yes but don’t mix more than one fatty acid oil with essential oils.

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